I wanted to make my dogs happy, now I feel like a failure.


Therapist introspection can be really good from time to time. Today I tried to capture my puppy’s moment of hyperactivity with a walk. My intentions were good. I saw he had lots and lots of energy and I wanted to help him bur some of it off. So, I harnessed him, his  fur brother, and fur sister up for an evening walk. I know how much they love walks.   Image

Oh boy. The four of us head out and my black & white beauty spies a kitty in the bushes. Before I can quite realize what is happening, my ankle is twisting and I’m down on the sidewalk. My dogs have never succeeded in actually knocking me over before. All of a sudden I went from being thrilled to be out on a walk with my fur babies to being a little bit frustrated, a little bit sad, and a little bit disappointed. 

It reminds me how often in life we start out happy and with good intentions only to end up hurt, sad, frustrated, or some combination of these emotions and countless others. The difference for me is that after the fact I usually appreciate these experiences (after the fact, of course) because it reminds me of why I want to be a mental health therapist. I mean, we all get mad sometimes. We all get sad, we all get _________. And we could all use some time to vent and put things into perspective.  Some reactions are normal, but sometimes they aren’t. Or, sometimes frustrations build up until we lose our tempers over things that seem like they should be no big deal. In reality, we aren’t losing our temper over that one little thing, but all of the annoyances we have never bothered to deal with that we have let internally build up until we just cannot take one more thing.


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