Yes. Sometimes it IS best to ignore your kids ;-)


Ignoring petty misbehavior is something a lot of parents struggle with. Many parents want to correct each and every misbehavior each and every time. However, much to annoyance of parents, children’s jobs are to grow up and become independent from their well-intentioned parents. The older a child gets the more independent he or she should become and the more freedoms he or she should receive.


Think for a moment when people tell us every mistake we make and remind us how we are not living up to their expectations. A lot of us either become angry and argumentative, or we become sad and resentful. Neither of these makes us want to continue trying. Most of us, deep down, really do want approval from others. Rather than getting locked into endless arguments with your children, your sanity may benefit from learning how to ignore the little things.


When we get annoyed we tend to notice more things which also annoy us. This could lead to the illusion just can’t do anything correctly. Instead of harping on the stuff we do not like, we would all be better off ignoring the sighs and eye rolls and instead offering praise and encouragement for what we do like. If we are happy and looking to praise, we will find more things to praise.


A word of caution: this does not apply if your child is engaged in behavior that will cause him or her danger.


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