What is WRONG with people?


I don’t know if anyone else has been paying attention, but there is an explosion of hate on Subway’s Facebook wall. It seems as though Subway has teamed up with the First Lady, Michelle Obama for a healthy eating campaign.


Ever since word got out, both liberals and conservatives have been irrationally cussing each other out and name-calling.

What happened to our ability communicate rationally with one another and without all of the hate and name-calling? Americans seem more divided now than at any time since the Civil War. Speaking of Civil War, it almost seems as though this rage is fueled by the fact that the Obamas are an African American couple. Or maybe it is because they are a wealthy and successful African American couple. The only reason I suspect race has anything to do with the level of hate is that so many conservative posters refer to her in terms of animal names (such as ape, etc).

The hate being spewed seems to have little to do with sexism toward the FLOTUS. However, sexism is alive and well in the insults individual posters are spewing at females who post on Subway’s wall. Women who post, either for or against using Michelle Obama as a spokesperson, are told to get back into the kitchen or are being called after their genitalia. Classy.

When we only focus on what divides us, there will be anger and misunderstanding. I have no problems with people disagreeing with another, but no one on Subway’s Facebook wall seems to rise above personal attacks. This will only continue to drive us further apart. Surely there must be SOME things both sides can agree on.

When we, as adults, rely on this level of hate and intolerance we teach our children not to think and only to dig in and name-call. No wonder there are so many people who suffer with anger -management issues and lack critical thinking. As a society, I believe we can do better.



Come on, P!NK, Seriously?


I was so excited to buy P!nk’s “Truth About Love” concert DVD. In part because she puts on a great show and in part because I recently saw that particular concert at the Staples Center with some good friends. So, I was a bit curious when I saw she had a “bluegrass” version of “Slut Like You”. Nothing could have prepared me for the level of offensive disrespect I saw in that video. It was disgusting and totally failed at being funny.

In the video, it showed “funny” caricatures of hillbillies. Among them were her band and dancers with blacked-out teeth,  women were “pregnant” and drinking beer some of them seeming underage. They were “yucking it up” in every offensive way imaginable. The only thing missing was obvious incest. 

I just cannot understand how mocking hillbillies is any different than dressing as queens and mocking the LGBT community, or mocking any other whole group of people. Or maybe someone can explain how this is different than if they had all put on black face and mocked African Americans?

Maybe it is because we collectively think we are smarter than hillbillies and therefore they deserve to be mocked.

No group of people DESERVE to be mocked. Let me just say that I am a fairly liberal progressive and I do not watch “Duck Dynasty” or “Honey Boo Boo”, I do not know any hillbillies or “red necks” but I would like to think that am mature enough to treat them with human dignity, as I would any other group being attacked unfairly.

Of course this seems to be her attitude toward people who believe tolerance should be for everyone and not just a pet group of people:  this was re-tweeted by @Pink:


I guess she was talking about hillbillies.

This is depressing coming from someone like P!NK who gives lip service to tolerance and love toward others. There is a reason that I usually avoid learning personal beliefs or values of my favorite entertainers. I do not watch TMZ or read most interviews so that I can continue to enjoy their work. This is why. It was sad for me to learn that P!NK is klassy with a k.

New Treatment For PTSD


New Treatment For PTSD

this study discovered the molecular mechanism that explains why older memories are more difficult to forget. In previous studies, Tsai’s lab showed that as memories are formed, DNA packaged with proteins, known as neurons’ chromatin, undergo major modifications. As these chromatins are altered, it allows easier activation of the genes required to create new memories.
Read more at http://www.redorbit.com/news/health/1113049290/ptsd-treatment-hdac2-inhibitor-011714/#CytsyiPiWrUMbcPq.99

I am Walter Mitty.


I admit it, I daydream. Secretly I think we all daydream…and daydreams fascinate me. There is a quote which goes something like, “If you want to know where your heart lies, look where your mind wanders”.

Some of us daydream of being ridiculously wealthy or a hero of some sort. Some of us day dream of being super strong or incredibly important. For some it’s having the ideal body or being beautiful beyond our competition. The list of what we daydream about could go on forever…but for most of us, there is theme…something all of our daydreams have in common. Strength, beauty, power, acceptance, and wealth. Wow…to have all of those traits…and in our daydreams we can.

Some of the lucky few even get to realize and fulfill their daydreams. But too many settle for the daydream and lead unfulfilled lives. With a little encouragement and a game plan, many of us can reach our dreams.

Can I help you become a race car driver? Maybe not…but MAYBE! Your dream is worth pursuing. YOU ARE WORTH PURSUING! Daydreams can be analyzed just as our sleeping dreams can be analyzed. Let me help you reach your personal brass ring.

No, I may not be Danny Kaye or Ben Stiller, but I can sure daydream like them 🙂 I am Walter Mitty

Let me tell you why therapy isn’t selfish.


Yes, we have all been teased. We all have hurts. Human suffering certainly touches us all. On some level, most of us are both wounded as well as wounders. One of my favorite quotes is, “Hurting people hurt people”. Or, to put the same idea differently, it is generally not happy, well-adjusted people who hurt others.

We are carrying these hurts around and trying to protect them from others maybe because we don’t want to appear weak or maybe because we are worried they may hurt us more. Most of us are walking around with our guards up and we miss being able to really connect with others.

Does that mean because most of us are wounded that none of us deserve to heal? Does it mean that you do not deserve to heal? When we are able to work through what continues to hurt us, long after the event is over, everyone in society benefits.

We are able to become less defensive. We are able to become less critical of others. We are able to become less angry. We are able to become less fearful. We are able to become less sad.

We are able to become more compassionate. We are able to become more considerate.We are able to become more accepting of others. We are able to become more at peace with ourselves.

By breaking sociological and emotional barriers in our personal lives, we can learn more about ourselves. If enough people did that, then society will change and become more open and accepting. And that is what makes therapy non-selfish. It truly does benefit everyone around us.                                                                              1452402_379173158885193_146590391_n