I am Walter Mitty.


I admit it, I daydream. Secretly I think we all daydream…and daydreams fascinate me. There is a quote which goes something like, “If you want to know where your heart lies, look where your mind wanders”.

Some of us daydream of being ridiculously wealthy or a hero of some sort. Some of us day dream of being super strong or incredibly important. For some it’s having the ideal body or being beautiful beyond our competition. The list of what we daydream about could go on forever…but for most of us, there is theme…something all of our daydreams have in common. Strength, beauty, power, acceptance, and wealth. Wow…to have all of those traits…and in our daydreams we can.

Some of the lucky few even get to realize and fulfill their daydreams. But too many settle for the daydream and lead unfulfilled lives. With a little encouragement and a game plan, many of us can reach our dreams.

Can I help you become a race car driver? Maybe not…but MAYBE! Your dream is worth pursuing. YOU ARE WORTH PURSUING! Daydreams can be analyzed just as our sleeping dreams can be analyzed. Let me help you reach your personal brass ring.

No, I may not be Danny Kaye or Ben Stiller, but I can sure daydream like them 🙂 I am Walter Mitty


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