What is WRONG with people?


I don’t know if anyone else has been paying attention, but there is an explosion of hate on Subway’s Facebook wall. It seems as though Subway has teamed up with the First Lady, Michelle Obama for a healthy eating campaign.


Ever since word got out, both liberals and conservatives have been irrationally cussing each other out and name-calling.

What happened to our ability communicate rationally with one another and without all of the hate and name-calling? Americans seem more divided now than at any time since the Civil War. Speaking of Civil War, it almost seems as though this rage is fueled by the fact that the Obamas are an African American couple. Or maybe it is because they are a wealthy and successful African American couple. The only reason I suspect race has anything to do with the level of hate is that so many conservative posters refer to her in terms of animal names (such as ape, etc).

The hate being spewed seems to have little to do with sexism toward the FLOTUS. However, sexism is alive and well in the insults individual posters are spewing at females who post on Subway’s wall. Women who post, either for or against using Michelle Obama as a spokesperson, are told to get back into the kitchen or are being called after their genitalia. Classy.

When we only focus on what divides us, there will be anger and misunderstanding. I have no problems with people disagreeing with another, but no one on Subway’s Facebook wall seems to rise above personal attacks. This will only continue to drive us further apart. Surely there must be SOME things both sides can agree on.

When we, as adults, rely on this level of hate and intolerance we teach our children not to think and only to dig in and name-call. No wonder there are so many people who suffer with anger -management issues and lack critical thinking. As a society, I believe we can do better.



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