I know I need therapy. Great. Which kind?


I know I need therapy. Great. Which kind?

There are many, many different ways to “do” therapy. Sadly, most people who seek out therapy do not really know what they are specifically looking for. They know that they want their problems to be fixed, but they are unsure what to do.

Most people do not know the differences in the different types of therapy and blindly trust the therapist to help them solve their problems. That is, after all what we therapists are paid to do, right?

Well, yes. But, some schools of therapy say that the therapist should be involved and give directions. Others say that therapists should not give any directions and through supportive conversation guide the client to find their own possible solutions.

Some theories recommend working with only one or two members of the family while other theories recommend bringing in everyone involved. How does the average consumer know which theory is right for them?

This book is a brief overview of the major psychotherapies in use today. This book provides information including:

if the therapist is an active participant in the sessions or whether they are more passive

whether the theory focuses on problems of the past to be resolved or strictly present-oriented situations.


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