18 yr-old dad bites off infant’s nose.


18 yr-old dad bites off infant’s nose.

This heart-wrenching story is exactly why we, as a society, need to offer parenting classes and mental health services including stress management, coping skills, and anger management to young families and young parents.

Yes, I know that offering parenting classes costs money. Yes, I know that offering anger management classes cost money. But, so does 911 services, and police services, and emergency room visits, and public defender services (and this list could go on quite extensively).

Most of us learn how to express our anger by watching how our parent(s) expressed anger, or how our favorite screen characters handled anger. Many of us are never directly taught how to process our frustrations in a healthy way. This sometimes leads to dire consequences…as in this very sad and unfortunate case.

To make matters worse, unless this infant recieves direct intervention, he will also have difficulty expressing his anger and frustration.

I know that people do not like being told what to do.  I know many people feel they have all the skills they need in order to be a functioning member of society. But I do not know why we, as a society, have to study and pass a driving exam in order to obtain a driver’s license, but we do not have to take a parenting class in order to be in control of an infant, which is something much more important.

Please, can we just learn that spending money on things like parenting classes and anger management classes will cost us far less in the long run? Please?


2 thoughts on “18 yr-old dad bites off infant’s nose.

  1. I agree in the some people do need those types of classes. Personally, I don’t think I needed any classes before becoming a parent. I had plenty of hands on experience though.
    Maybe this should be regulated in high school. Like a “self help” class that teaches life skills, like handling anger. And then child development should become a requirement and maybe be more hands on instead of “this is how much a baby grows” like my high school class was.

    1. I would love it if a parenting class could be a requirement for high school graduation. I know that there are many good and level-headed kids out there graduating from high school every year who may not need this class, but the ones who do will never ask for it.

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