Bullying at school affects health 40 years later


Bullying at school affects health 40 years later

A major long-term study found children who were bullied were more likely to experience depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and poor physical health when they were 50-years-old than those who had not been victimized.

A team at King’s College London examined data on 7,771 children whose parents provided information on their child’s bullying when they were aged seven and 11.

More than one in four had been bullied occasionally and around one in seven frequently.

They then underwent several tests throughout their lives and gave feedback on their own health.

At age 50 they were less likely to have qualifications, less likely to live with a spouse or partner and have less social support.

Those who had been bullied had lower scores on a word memory test designed to measure cognitive IQ even when their childhood intelligence levels were taken into account.


Janet Mock Asks Reporter: ‘Who Was the First Person You Came Out to as Cis?’


Janet Mock Asks Reporter: ‘Who Was the First Person You Came Out to as Cis?’

Janet Mock is winding down a national book tour on which she’s probably fielded a lot of annoying questions. Chief among them is this, “Who was the first person you came out to as trans?” It may be an innocent question, one that she certainly tackles in her memoir “Redefining Realness,” but it’s also problematic. Why? Because it’s one of the many ways that the media has focused overwhelmingly on genitalia and gender reassignment surgery when talking about trans communities.

In a recent segment with Fusion, Mock flips the script and asks television host Alicia Menendez when she began to identify as as cisgender woman — someone who self-identifies with the sex and gender assigned to them at birth. 

Texas Transgender Teacher Banned From the Classroom Following Suspension


Texas Transgender Teacher Banned From the Classroom Following Suspension

I am sure the school is trying to placate both sides: the parents, and Ms. Klug. I expected something like this would happen and while it could be worse (here is a list of substitute teachers the school could choose from and they could have reinstated her and just never called her again), they will keep her busy until the end of the school year which is not that far away, and then they will be free to not continue her employment. 

I do not understand why people (as a majority) attack what they do not understand. I wish Ms Klug nothing but the best. I sincerley hope that she is able to fulfill her dream as a pilot.

A substitute teacher in Texas has been suspended for being transgender.


A substitute teacher in Texas has been suspended for being transgender.

“Some concerned parents had come to KFDM, saying they were worried that their child had been supervised by a teacher who was transgender. They say they have no problem with the teacher herself, just that she might be confusing 11-year-olds regarding their own identities.”

As a therapist, the above quote is frustrating for so many reasons that I hardly know where to begin:

  • This type of argument was used to prevent good LGBTQ couples from adopting.
  • The younger children are exposed to a variety of people whether it is race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc, the less the differences amongst us stand out.
  • The idea that meeting a transgender or transexual person will suddenly make you start questioning everything about your own identity is fear-mongering.
  • Furthermore, since when is introspection and learning more about ourselves a bad thing?
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity is not contagious.

There will always be differences between us humans. Instead of focusing on the 20% the divides us, let’s start focusing on the 80% that unites us!


Too rich for prison?


Too rich for prison?

To say this man won’t fare well while others will is obviously not, um…fair. 

This story offends/ angers/ saddens me deeply for 3 reasons:

1. Obviously the rich white man not being held accountable to the standard of the rest of society.

2. The message that it sends his daughter and

3. The slippery slope that was just created allowing other rich white people to continue to push the envelope of what that know they will now not be punished for.