A substitute teacher in Texas has been suspended for being transgender.


A substitute teacher in Texas has been suspended for being transgender.

“Some concerned parents had come to KFDM, saying they were worried that their child had been supervised by a teacher who was transgender. They say they have no problem with the teacher herself, just that she might be confusing 11-year-olds regarding their own identities.”

As a therapist, the above quote is frustrating for so many reasons that I hardly know where to begin:

  • This type of argument was used to prevent good LGBTQ couples from adopting.
  • The younger children are exposed to a variety of people whether it is race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc, the less the differences amongst us stand out.
  • The idea that meeting a transgender or transexual person will suddenly make you start questioning everything about your own identity is fear-mongering.
  • Furthermore, since when is introspection and learning more about ourselves a bad thing?
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity is not contagious.

There will always be differences between us humans. Instead of focusing on the 20% the divides us, let’s start focusing on the 80% that unites us!



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