What is home-based therapy?


Home-based therapy takes place in the client’s home rather than in the therapist’s office. Home based therapy is beneficial for many reasons. It can be challenging to get to an office for a therapy appointment due to: 

  •  illness
  • disability
  • personal crisis 
  • lack of finances
  • difficulty with transportation,
  • no childcare,
  • hospice
  • people who would otherwise have a difficult time accessing therapy.

As a home-based therapist, I recognize that in-home therapy can often be a solution to these obstacles.

When therapy is provided in the home, clients are more relaxed in the safety and comfort of their own home rather than in an unfamiliar office setting. As a result, progress and healing can occur more readily.

Sometimes office-based therapists offer in-home services when specific skills, like ADHD coaching or parenting skills can be demonstrated and practiced in the home. This allows me to observe the parent-child relationship in action, providing insight into family dynamics. For example, home-based therapy can be particularly beneficial in therapy for children showing disruptive behavior patterns and for children with high-needs or developmental delays. Other benefits may include:

  • Ensuring all family members are in attendance and engaged in the therapy process.
  • Offering support to foster parents and children, especially in new placements.
  • Focusing on family preservation for families who may be facing the removal of a child into foster care. 
  • Removing barriers and defenses in teens by meeting on their territory and allowing the therapist to learn more about the teen by observing his or her personal space.
  • Offering assistance to newly blended families through either adoption or remarriage.

Therapy that takes place in the home can raise concerns regarding therapeutic boundaries, confidentiality, and role confusion. For example, a therapist may have a difficult time maintaining the focus of a therapy session due to the presence of a rambunctious dog, a fussy child, or other distractions. Similarly, the presence of other family members, friends, or neighbors may make it impossible to maintain confidentiality or for the client to speak openly. For this reason it is important to schedule your session time when you can expect privacy.

As a home-based therapy provider, I make a concerted effort to maintain professional boundaries during home visits including arriving in an unmarked car and wearing casual clothes, arriving on time and leaving on time, as well as keeping the focus of the visits on your stated issues.

Treatment can take place:

  • living room,
  • bedroom,
  • porch,
  • backyard,
  • car,
  • nearby park,
  • library,
  • school,
  • church, 
  • hiking trails.

If you live in the San Fernando Valley and you would like to experience a new way of doing therapy, call or text me at 818-648-5605 to determine how to proceed. When and how often in-home therapy sessions occur will depend on your personal needs. Home-based therapy can be used intermittently, as a supplement to office sessions, or as the primary approach. 


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