We don’t live in one world, we live in many


With 12 million people living in Southern California we make our way through lines, maneuver around loud and narrow parking structures, race to claim our seat on a crowded bus, or inch along on-ramps to get on the freeway. We are constantly negotiating and being informed and affected by each of these various environments; all the while our lives are happening.

And everyday we experience a multitude of places, people, energies, attitudes and behaviors with hundreds of strangers who go through the same thing in their own lives, as well. By day’s end, something as simple as picking up dinner can cause our already frayed senses to go into overdrive.


  • How well did you sleep last night?
  • Was yesterday so busy that you were too overwhelmed to get anything done at work, much less eat correctly?
  • Do you ever become so frustrated in overcrowded spaces or on the road, that words pass between you and a stranger?
  • Do your feelings of sadness or anxiousness cause misunderstanding with you and your significant other?
  • Are you beginning to isolate more because of all the hustle and bustle, or finding that the cost of gas and other commodities these days has you withdrawing from your social life more than you used to?
  • Are you staying at home because you’re sad or unable to regulate your feelings? 


I’m here to listen and to support you with ideas that can help reduce stress. As you learn to relate better with yourself, you begin to relate to others more effectively, as well. Boundary setting, grounding techniques, empathy, and self-care are tools that you develop and the good news is that you already possess these.

With therapy, your clarity improves about your ongoing emotional needs, wishes, and desires  Through weekly exploration and discussion, you are invited to create and choose alternatives that help you to better manage environmental stressors with greater success and, in turn, you not only feel better; but you develop new coping skills that enable you to feel good about yourself.

Problems, misunderstandings, interruptions, and unforeseen changes are always going to be present. It’s how you deal with them that makes them what they are. You deserve to be well.


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