The day Jennifer Lawrence broke twitter


If it is possible I am even more bothered today than yesterday over the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence. A crime was committed people’s personal information was hacked, and no one seems to care about that because Jennifer’s nipples broke twitter. I know that photos of other people besides Ms. Lawrence were leaked, but most of the hubbub I personally saw was related to Ms. Lawrence.

I am disgusted at the misogyny of the act. I am angry at the total lack of respect for women in general that society seems to possess. People are treating this gross violation of privacy as a joke. The memes that I have seen are shameful. I am disappointed in the blatant objectification of women. I am sickened at the fact that the hacker is being celebrated.

It is entirely irrelevant that those women chose to record an image of themselves of a deeply private and intimate nature. It is not on the victim to take “enough” measures to protect herself, to dress a certain way, travel in groups, wear special nail polish, or what-have-you to in hind-sight to protect one’s self.

What is missing here is a little thing called consent. When actors or models are photographed or videotaped for work (I am thinking nudity in film) there is consent. And these actors are made to feel safe on sets. If someone really wants to see nudity, browse or purchase nudity which has been created with consent. 

We all should have a reasonable expectation to privacy. I am trying to think how I personally would feel if I had nude photos of myself posted to a revenge porn site. Even if they are not nude photographs, we all have items on our smart phones that we would not want not want leaked to the world.

Celebrities don’t sign away their private rights for a movie deal or recording contract. Celebrities are human beings and should not be treated as commodities in their non-working moments.

I know that pictures of say, Brad Pitt or Niall Horan from One Direction would also generate publicity, but I don’t think it would have been the same in volume or tactlessness.

I am angry, but I am also resigned, disgusted, and saddened. As a human, these people deserve basic dignity and I cannot believe how many people are laughing and making jokes at these women’s total violation of privacy. Celebrities are humans, too. Give them some damn respect.


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