My name is Michelle Tapia and I am passionate about human rights and social justice. My passion has led me to a career as a licensed marriage and family therapist where I can help heal wounds and mend relationships.

I specialize in Online Counseling for residents of California & In-Home counseling for the residents of San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas.

Research has shown that people suffering from extreme anxiety are less likely to leave their home in search of help for these problems. 

Research has also shown that people with mobility problems (people who are home-bound) are also under-served.

In my experience, I see first hand how difficult it can be for parents to find child care in order to attend sessions. I see the definite value of bringing the therapy office to your home and treating you in your own environment.

Charges vary depending upon length of desired session and whether sessions are held in the client’s home or office, or electronically. Your fee will be agreed upon before your first session. 

I work with diverse needs including identity issues, social anxiety, guilt, shame, problem-solving, transgender issues, depression, low self-esteem, sexual orientation issues, relationship violence, body image issues, bullying, and conflict resolution.

I am empathic and excel at presenting a nonjudgmental attitude toward my clients. I am Kink-Aware.



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