So, yesterday I was upset with my dogs


I thought it might be helpful to discuss some of the irrational thoughts I had yesterday and how those irrational thoughts led me from being happy to miserable.

Overgeneralization: My dogs NEVER listen. They ALWAYS pull.

Mental Filter: Even though they behaved very well for most of the walk I focused on the small amount of time their animal instincts kicked in and could not hear me.

All-or-Nothing Thinking: I’m a failure. I can’t get my dogs to listen and that reminds me of other areas where I am currently struggling (work or romance etc) which leads me to conclude (at least for 30 min that I am a total failure.

Luckily I do not buy into these irrational thoughts for very long and today I am left with a sore left ankle, but my healthy thinking has returned 🙂