I marched for myself and my clients

self esteem

I braved the crowds in Los Angeles yesterday. It was beautiful to see an endless stream of people continuing to show up in waves of trains, buses, Lyfts, and bicycles. Naively I thought I could hop on a Metro bus to the subway, but even though it was 7:30 in the morning and I was at the third stop of the line, it was clear there was no getting to the march on time using the Orange Line.


Despite the overwhelming crowds, people, on the whole, remained polite, calm, and respectful of one another. There were babies, toddlers, children, teens, adults, parents, and grand parents. There were small children in strollers, there were men and women pushing bicycles, and there were parents and grand parents being pushed in wheelchairs. We came. We all came (and it was beautiful).


Most of us are concerned about rights we fought hard for and won suddenly being taken away from us. We worry about the loss of the Affordable Care Act, (which some Trump supporters still do not understand is the same thing as “ObamaCare”.  We worry about the sudden rise in hate crimes. We worry about the loss and dismantling of MediCare and Social Security.

We are also angry that we have to keep fighting for basic human rights and basic human dignity for all. FOR ALL. We are all people and we all deserve the same civil rights regardless of gender, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious preference, age, mental ability, or physical ability.

Human rights should never be taken away because of something so insignificant as what genitals are (or are not) between a person’s legs or what skin tone they happen to be blessed with.


As a mental health professional I am horrified that the homeless rate is so high for the LGBTQ* community. I am horrified at the rate of sexual assault against our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters.

It saddens me that so many people are rejected by friends or family for owning and living their true self. It disappoints me that people, beautiful people, feel shame over who they are. It distresses me even more that there are those among us who would shame and belittle others for not being like them. We are all different and that is okay.

Diversity truly does make us stronger. We all have different strengths and different passions and when we come together, we create a beautiful tapestry of life. We are stronger together and I hope we do not lose the momentum that we have right now. I hope we do not let this movement fade.


Regardless of your age, your class, your kink, your orientation, your ethnicity, or your gender, I care about you. Do not give up, and lets not ever stop fighting for what is right.


I get so bothered by the injustices I see around me and I feel so powerless to do anything about them.


There are so many things in society which deserve to be fixed that it sometimes feels overwhelming. 

  • Poverty
  • Child abuse
  • Homelessness
  • Racism
  • Public shaming
  • Animal abuse
  • Sexism
  • And too many countless others to name…all of which are important.


Where do we begin when all we feel like doing is sitting down and turning on the television to block out the enormity of social problems are feelings of inability to do anything about them? I mean, each of us are only person up against a whole system, right?

I may only be one person, but this is what I can do: I can close my eyes and think of what one (or two at the most) groups in society I feel  most passionately about. Then I figure what exactly it is about this particular group that makes me wish I could help them. Then I can look for others who share my passion, for like-minded company can encourage us to do things that are only possible in our hearts. 

Where do I find these people? They hide in several places… google groups, yahoo groups, Facebook groups, groups set up for local people, organizations, and charities who are already involved in some way with the group you would most like to reach out to. It is easier than our minds make it seem to find a group of like-minded passionate people who also care about my cause. 

When we pool our resources of time, passion, and the occasional dollar we can do great things. If we think about ALL of the injustices around us, it is so easy to get discouraged and quit (i.e. turn on the tv every night). The trick is to pick one goal…one group…one passion…and decide what is the one thing you would give them if you only could…(and btw, you can).