If I want strangers to stop talking I tell them I’m a therapist.


When I was working on my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology people would stop talking mid-discussion stating that either they thought I could read their minds or that they didn’t want me to analyze them. I was never doing either. It makes me sad on one level that so many people are so insecure about themselves and it makes me so sad on another level that “therapy” has such a negative connotation to so many people. 

Many people see “therapy” as an hour of negativity…focused on childhood hurts, wallowing in anger or depression. It leads to the misconception that “therapy” is self-indulgent or some other form of selfishness. Therapy can be that to some people and certainly some people do use therapy time in that way…but therapy can also be used in a strictly present or strictly future time frame. Problem-solving and developing and following through on goals are not just for coaching! 

So many great therapy sessions begin with, “what do I want in my future?” and, “how do I get there?”